Building Communities: How Social Media Connects Adults

Social media has revolutionized how people connect and has become an integral part of many adults’ lives. Over the past several years, the proliferation of social media has made it simpler than ever to locate and make meaningful connections with people who share your passions, goals, and worldview. With social media, adults can easily find like-minded individuals and form groups for professional networking, hobbies, activism, or simply making new friends.

Three Ways on How Social Media Connects to Adults

Here are some ways how social media connects adults:

Building and Joining Online Communities

Social media platforms allow adults to join or create online communities with like-minded people with similar interests, hobbies, or professions. These communities can provide a sense of belonging and connection for adults who may not have access to these opportunities daily.


Professionals, business owners, and those looking for work all use social media to connect with one another and find opportunities. Professionals can network with one another, learn about new job openings, and market themselves with the help of sites like LinkedIn.

Staying in Touch with Friends and Family

Regardless of physical distance, adults can easily keep in touch with one another through social media. Through their postings and messages, they may keep their loved ones up-to-date on their lives by sharing news, images, and significant life events.