Creative Sushi Ideas Plus Tips When Taking Food Photos for your Instagram

The Japanese rice snacks known as sushi or maki are now considered an international delicacy. Hardly any country does not have this delicious fast food on the menu, in Switzerland, you can get it on almost every corner. Sushi tastes particularly good from the authentic Japanese, but there are also more and more special creations that are worth trying. We explain in detail how you can conjure up Asian flavors on your own plate and embark on a culinary journey to Japan!

Sushi and maki: a food that is very trendy!

Hardly any Asian dish is as popular around the world as sushi. The little delicacies made of rice, seaweed, and fish or other toppings seem to appeal to everyone and can even be prepared with a few special tricks. In Switzerland, you can find sushi restaurants everywhere, and there are also numerous snack bars that offer Japanese delicacies on the go. Sushi has started a real trend in Europe and around the world.

Today, small salmon sushi is worn as key rings and the bites made of rice are even used as tattoo motifs. Sushi has also conquered our televisions: the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a real classic among gourmets. It’s all about the sushi chef Jiro, who strives for the perfect preparation. In Japan, the profession is highly regarded and requires several years of training.

Sushi is also all over social media. There are various still pictures of sushi and maki shared over and over again from sushi bars to various kinds of sushi from various parts of Japan and Asia as a whole. The love for this food has spread so much that it has even inspired new sushi recipes and variations such as the sushi burger.

Tips When Taking Food Photos for your Instagram

Food photos are popular content on social media. So if you want to share your love for sushi on social media, you will have to capture it right. Here are tips on how to continually capture great food photos and continually push your creative boundaries by working to build an inspirational gourmet feed.

1. Search for daylight

When using phones to take pictures of food, we frequently overlook one of the most crucial aspects of producing a nice image: light! Disconnect those obnoxious above interior lights. By doing this, you can prevent your photos from having flat or unappealing color casts. Try to locate your home’s best source of natural light.

2. Utilize a reflector 2.

Why not use a reflector in iPhoneography if you would in DSLR photography? If you’re unsure of how you’ll use it, you don’t even need to get an actual reflector. Use a cheap piece of foam board that can be purchased from any craft store! Set up the image in the finest natural light possible before pulling out my reflectors.

3. Spend some time composing a shot.

Spend some time setting up each of your food photographs. Sometimes it’s as easy as using a single item to accentuate the food. Such is the sushi plate that you use for your sushi rolls.

4. Relate a tale.

The best aspect of food styling is the story behind it. Your culinary photographs should tell a story. So if you have visited the best sushi bar in town, you may want to capture it from the facade to the dinning area down to the food.