Some Social Media Jobs At A Glance

The new world of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, has not only developed rapidly into a communication platform that is taken for granted by almost everyone today. It has also spawned some completely new professions. For many people, they offer the unique opportunity to turn their favorite hobby, social media networking, into a career.

The social media manager

All major companies today employ a social media manager to handle their job board software for associations. He takes over the communication with customers and those who should become customers on Facebook and Twitter. He can react immediately to new trends and discuss his company and its products on an equal footing with fans and critical consumers.

Job Board Fire

Social Media Analyst

As a social media analyst, you deal with social web platforms. These serve to better reach the target groups. In the industry, it is said that in this way you can get the “insights” of the customers. This means that as a social media analyst, you reconstruct, for example, customer decisions and decision-making processes. To do this, you use the results of analyzes such as scanning for trending topics. Another possibility of social media analysis is the identification of an opinion leader or different semantic methods. You have to have a high level of internet affinity and analytical thinking for the job.

Social media consultant

The main task of a social media consultant is to advise and support companies on the use of social media. In concrete terms, this means that you must first analyze the previous presence and activity in social media. How well-known is the company among users of Facebook, Xing, and Twitter? How is the content presented on these websites? What measures does the company take to be present with customers?

Web Developer

A web developer creates, designs, and maintains websites or pages for a company’s internal network. People often refer web developers as web programmers.

Social media expert

If you work as a social media expert, you first have to analyze the situation of a company in the field of social media. You design concepts that lead to an increase in awareness.

In order to be able to control the implementation, you work together with employees from other departments such as marketing and IT, and coordinate their work. If a project is carried out, for example, the creation of a Facebook profile, the success is then determined. As a social media expert, you are therefore responsible for the measures that are taken in the area of ​​social media.