The Impact of Social Media on Emotional Well-Being

Several fantastic advantages may be gained by using social media platforms. Sharing and connecting, learning new things, and making new friends are all made possible by this medium. Yet, there is another side to this coin, and this is particularly true for young individuals who have developed with technology.

Shockingly Compelling

Like playing a slot machine, social media may be very addictive. You get a rush of dopamine, the same chemical that is released in response to other enjoyable activities like sex and eating when you open an app where you have no idea what you’ll view until you open it because of the unexpected outcomes.

Interaction-Centered Thinking

Putting too much stock on the reactions your work gets (or doesn’t get) might lead to problems. If you upload a photo to social media with the hopes of getting a positive response but don’t get any, you could feel deflated or unappreciated.

Filters are Interesting Nevertheless, Illusionary

The use of filters is a prime example of the pros and cons of social media. Although goofy filters are good for a chuckle, the capacity to quickly and effectively lighten teeth, paint parts of the body, and cover blemishes may lead to false illusions.