Promoting Self-Storage Units for Artists Through the Power of Social Media

Self-storage facilities have become increasingly popular among thriving visual artists, as it makes renting a studio more economical over renting an apartment. Besides, a climate-controlled storage space is the ideal place in which artists can keep their growing collection of artworks; maybe for a future exhibit or while still being marketed by an online art gallery. However, take notice that the self-storage business itself has also become more competitive. Operators are stepping up their marketing campaigns by promoting via social media sites.

In order to realize the profitability of a business that has to run on a great deal of energy, all available units must be continuously occupied. Climate-controlled storage facilities, specifically target musicians or painters because ideally they need to have their stuff stored at temperatures of 21-24 degrees Celsius or 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit with 40-50% humidity. Humidity being the level of moisture in the atmosphere, as an otherwise dry atmosphere can cause paint substances to crack, paper medium to yellow and wood materials to warp. Control is a key factor because alternating between too much or too little moisture can cause mold growth.

Still, digital marketers strategically launch adverts or exposures for storage facilities in social media platforms where they matter the most. If you’re a storage facility operator who feels you can do this yourself, marketing experts suggest for you to focus on one or two platforms first. Work on them by posting photos and content that reach out to musicians and artists in and around the locality of the storage facility you are promoting.

The likeliest social media platforms in which to test the waters and hopefully to expand the campaign are Facebook and Instagram. Once you get to identify the right content that get musicians or artists interested in your storage facility, you can now consider applying the same strategies in other social media platforms. However, YouTube can be more time and energy consuming, while Twitter require only short but meaningful posts as preferred by busy people.

Some Examples of Content that Can Draw Attention in Social Media Sites

The power of social media platforms is that social exposure can grow exponentially through content that can go viral. Some examples include the following:

1. Memes about tenants having fun and sharing amusing stories about experiences that made them decide to use a self-storage unit.

2. Henfield storage for one, showcases the different sizes of their storage units available as choices of climate-controlled environments.

3. Cleaning and maintenance processes performed by smiling employees to readily denote that their musical instruments and works of art are in a safe and clean facility.

4. Create a buzz about the MTV of a celebrated local musician who used your storage facility as a shooting location; or in filming a brief presentation of the art collections that is about to go on exhibit in a local art gallery.