Some of The Biggest Social Media Trends

Social media are interactive media technologies which lets people to share and create information, hobbies, ideas, and other kinds of expression via networks and virtual communities. These are the top trends to monitor in the social media business, whether you work in it or are just interested in it.




Social Video Is Taking Off

With Facebook Watch, Facebook is trying to capture the social networking video reign. (The type that YouTube has been using for years.) With 1.25 billion monthly views, it appears to be working.

However, while Facebook has tremendous statistics, it is far from fashionable. TikTok, on the other hand, is a flying saucer. The largest new video-based social network has over 1 billion monthly active users at the time of writing. And those users aren’t hesitant to spend money to gain additional followers.

TikTok-related products and services, such as TikTok editor and TikTok lighting, are one tell-tale indicator. Meanwhile, Facebook’s push for social video is spreading to its other sites. Instagram’s IGTV, which debuted in 2018, is now incorporated into the main app.



Podcasting is Becoming a Popular Medium

Podcasts were listened to by around 144 million individuals at least once each month in 2022. And that is only in the United States. That figure is expected to rise to 164 million by 2023. Every day, more and more amateur podcasts rise up. There are currently approximately 2 million active podcasts.

However, the sector is indeed becoming much more professional. And transforming podcasting from a recreational to a viable business process. Branded podcasts demonstrate that the format can be used for marketing as well as entertainment.